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This eyebrow pomade INGRID stylises, fills and highlights eyebrows. High quality pigments give perfect colour, emphasizing the eyebrow arch. Creamy consistency for easy application and long-lasting effect. Available in three shades: light and medium brown (for blondes and auburn-haired) and dark brown (for brunettes). Waterproof. 5g

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If you dream about thick, expressive and at the same time permanent eyebrows, this pomade is the perfect solution for you.

With the help of a pomade you can clearly draw an eyebrow arch in an Instagram style or define it subtly for a natural effect.

Currently in eyebrow styling the effect of so-called SOAP BROWS, where the hair looks thick and slightly matted. To achieve this look, emphasize the bottom line of the eyebrow with pomade, and then fill the inside of the eyebrow with vertical brush movements while combing the hair upwards.

The eyebrow pomade is enclosed in a very hermetic jar, which allows it to maintain its creamy consistency, so it will serve you for a very long time. Remember to always tighten the jar thoroughly, and when creating your eyebrow make-up turn it upside down to prevent air from entering it.

You can use eyebrow pomade not only in an obvious way? Apply it on the nose and its surroundings with a small brush and you will create cute waterproof freckles.

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