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INGRID Cosmetics Liquid Highlighter perfectly reflects the light, giving the skin a radiant and healthy look. The light formula enriched with hyaluronic acid blends with the skin, guaranteeing exceptional illumination throughout the day. The cosmetic can be used separately, as well as mixed with cream or foundation depending on the desired glow effect. The product is available in 3 shades: silver, beige and gold. Vegan formula. 20 ml

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Liquid highlighter looks very natural and can be a great alternative to pressed highlighter. For dry and mature skin, the liquid highlighter does not emphasize mimic lines or uneven skin structure, thanks to which it looks very natural and light on the face.

Liquid highlighter is applied only to wet, non-powdered foundation. If used differently, it may lose its properties and cause spots on the makeup. With a liquid highlighter, you can also do DIY makeup and transform the properties of your cosmetics into illuminating. If you feel your skin is tired and need immediate shine, add a little highlighter to your foundation or concealer and enjoy its new radiant finish. You can add liquid highlighter to the body lotion or apply directly to the skin.

A product for every person who loves the bright skin effect and is not afraid of liquid consistencies. Ideal for dry, normal, mixed and mature skin.

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