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Ingrid ultralight rice powder has a long-lasting mattifying properties. The product absorbs excess sebum, which makes the skin silky smooth, without shine effect for several hours. Its transparent formula does not weigh down the makeup and perfectly adapts to the colour of the skin. It is recommended for all skin types. 8g

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Rice powder is perfect for anyone looking for a matting and fixing makeup fixing product.

Rice powder has a high degree of fixation. You can apply a double portion of powder on the jaw break to ensure that your collar, scarf or other wardrobe item is free from makeup stains. Remember this valuable tip and let us know on Instagram (link) when you check it on your own skin and clothes.

Do you have a problem with the bouncing pencil on your eyelid? Fix the eyelid with powder, draw a line and fix it with rice powder and the problem will cease to exist.

Your favourite lipstick in a unique colour is unfortunately not long enough? We have a way! Lay the handkerchief into 3 and one layer, apply to painted lips, and then fix it with rice powder. Your lipstick will automatically dull and stay on your lips for hours.

Rice flour responsible for long-lasting matting effect.

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